Our aim is to provide our customers with the very best cost of maintenance for their vehicles by offering cost efficiencies and the most competitive pricing. In addition to our transparent and competitive cost of scheduled maintenance we also make sure to give our customers other options; menu pricing. Below menu priced items include labor cost.

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2021 - 2023 Tahoe

Engine Oil & FilterAED 448
Transmission Oil & FilterAED 1363
Belt SetAED 691
Spark PlugsAED 635
Engine Air FilterAED 203
Cabin Air FilterAED 270
Brake FluidAED 487
Engine CoolantAED 334
Front Brake Pad SetAED 801
Rear Brake Pad SetAED 659
Front Disc RotorsAED 1292
Rear Disc RotorsAED 1302
Wiper BladesAED 257

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2020-2015​ Tahoe

Engine Oil & Filter AED 448
Transmission Oil & Filter AED 1403
Belt Set AED 976
Spark Plugs AED 579
Engine Air Filter AED 199
Cabin Air Filter AED 187
Brake Fluid AED 273
Engine Coolant AED 487
Front Brake Pad Set AED 759
Rear Brake Pad Set AED 731
Front Disc Rotors AED 1569
Rear Disc Rotors AED 1628
Wiper Blades AED 347

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2014-2007 Tahoe

Engine Oil & Filter AED 345
Transmission Oil & Filter AED 889
Belt Set AED 519
Spark Plugs AED 810
Engine Air Filter AED 309
Brake Fluid AED 327
Engine Coolant AED 487
Front Brake Pad Set AED 685
Rear Brake Pad Set AED 616
Front Disc Rotors AED 1422
Rear Disc Rotors AED 1490
Wiper Blades AED 226

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