Chevrolet Middle East Breaks Two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title with the Support of Customers and Fans Across the GCC

Last night representatives from the Guinness World Records certified two new broken records for Chevrolet Middle East.

Thanks to customers and fans across the Middle East, Chevrolet was able to rally enough passion for the brand to attempt two successful record breaking attempts simultaneously.

The first record, ‘largest online photo album of people holding a sign’, garnered a total of 37,163 photos breaking the previous record held by a Dubai Entity by 4,947 photos.

The second world record broken by Chevrolet was for ‘most people contributing to a stamp image’ with a total of 4,948 participating Chevrolet customers and fans, the new record improves on the old by 1,795. The previous record was held by a company based in China.

Chevrolet’s #iamarecordbreaker campaign kicked off in Beirut in October and toured across the GCC throughout November and December with overwhelming success. Participants from Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the UAE came together to set GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles with Chevrolet Middle East.

Commenting on the achievement, Chevrolet Middle East Head of Brand Ahmed Soudodi said: “We set our sights on breaking these two GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles in celebration of Chevrolet’s best-ever line-up. We were humbled and honoured by the amount of participation, and shows Chevrolet’s true relevance to our region and the passion that exists for our brand, it also reiterates our commitment to putting customers at the centre of everything we do.” He added; “Going in to 2018, Chevrolet customers and prospects can expect one of the most diverse, and among the youngest portfolios on the market, combining cutting-edge automotive engineering, innovative technologies, advanced safety features, sleek design and unrivalled practicality.”