FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are all GM parts remanufactured?

Not all GM parts are remanufactured. GM Middle East imports a variety of remanufcatured parts. This will expand as technology improves and allows remanufacture of more and more parts.

Which parts are commonly remanufactured?

In our region, we only focus on reusing commonly selected parts such as gearboxes, steering gears, alternators and engines, along with parts on the collision family such as bumpers, headlamps, tail lamps etc.

Are the remanufactured parts covered in regards to warranty?

Yes, each remanufactured part that is installed by a GM certified workshop receives the same warranty coverage as a new part.

Do the remanufactured parts comply with all quality standards?

All GM remanufactured parts meet the highest standard of GM quality and are rebuilt to state-of-the-art performance specification.

How is a customer informed that he is receiving a remanufactured part?

A remanufactured part’s box is labeled as remanufactured. The description of the part on the invoice supplied to the customer clearly states it’s a remanufactured part in both English and Arabic.